Jennifer Michaels reviews Gottfried Heuer’s new book

Jennifer Michaels, Emerita Professor of German at Grinnell College and author of Anarchy and Eros: Otto Gross’ Impact on German Expressionist Writers has written the following review of Gottfried Heuer’s Freud’s ‘Outstanding’ Colleague / Jung’s ‘Twin Brother’ .
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Michael Fassbender fansite webpage on Otto Gross

In the 2011 movie A Dangerous Method about the relationship between Freud and Jung and the beginnings of psychoanalysis, Michael Fassbender played Carl Jung. Otto Gross was also characterised in the film, though in the manner of Hollywood storylines, and the authors of a Michael Fassbender fansite were inspired to delve a bit deeper perhaps than the film did, which you can read here: .

International Journal of Jungian Studies: Kevin Lu’s review of Gottfried Heuer’s new book

Kevin Lu, PhD, director of several programs at the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex, reviews Freud’s ‘Outstanding’ Colleague/Jung’s ‘Twin Brother’ in the June 2017 edition of the International Journal of Jungian Studies. » Read the review

Archiv für Kriminologie: pre-publication review of Freud’s ‘Outstanding’ Colleague / Jung’s ‘Twin Brother’ (in German)

Priv.-Doz. DDr. Christian Bachhiesl reviews Freud’s ‘Outstanding’ Colleague/Jung’s ‘Twin Brother’ in the March/April 2017 edition of the Archiv für Kriminologie (Archives of Criminology). » Read the review

Otto Gross: the troubadour analyst – Babak Fozooni reviews Gottfried Heuer’s upcoming book

Babak Fozooni reviews Gottfried Heuer’s book, Freud’s ‘Outstanding’ Colleague/Jung’s ‘Twin Brother’. Mr Fozooni is a critical social scientist and works as a tutor at The Open University. He has obtained six degrees, including a PhD in Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University. He can be contacted at .  » Read the review


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